Fixing duplicate ID errors with typeorm-factory

- Posted in TypeScript

You need to pay close attention when creating factories with typeorm-factory.

Connecting to ElastiCache with Laravel when using Encryption In-Transit

- Posted in Laravel

Using GitHub's Gists for embedded code blocks on your Statamic v3 site

- Posted in Statamic

You can use GitHub's Gists to embed your code blocks via the Oh See Gists add-on.

Faking the Queue in Laravel tests

- Posted in Laravel

Here's a quick package you can use to fake the Queue for a specific set of lines in a Laravel test.

Laravel Forge fails to provision servers on AWS

- Posted in Laravel

There's a common problem when using Laravel Forge to provision servers on AWS.

How to fix PHPUnit splitting dots onto new lines

- Posted in PHP

Quick tip on how you can fix PHPUnit from splitting test output onto new lines.

Using aliases in Composer to update depedencies without a fork

- Posted in PHP

One of the major pain points of updating dependencies is the strict version requirements developers place on their packages.

Improve the performance of Laravel feature tests using MySQL instead of SQLite or memory databases

- Posted in Laravel

Many people use an in-memory SQLite database when running their Laravel feature tests. If you're doing this, chances are you can improve the runtime of your Laravel test suite.

Using static HTTP redirects in Statamic v3

- Posted in Statamic

Statamic includes a built-in mechanism for setting up 301 and 302 HTTP redirects.

Using CSS transforms with TailwindCSS v1.2

- Posted in TailwindCSS

You can now use CSS transforms right out of the box with TailwindCSS v1.2.

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